Saturday, August 6, 2011

Twins! Baby Shower

Sorry I've been MIA.  This week was my first week at school with the students!  It has been crazy busy, but overall a great week.  I have 5 students this year, 4 of which I had last year, so we quickly got into a routine.  I'll post more about my schedule and some changes I'm making this year in another entry but FIRST, I just had to share about my best friends recent baby shower!! 

My best friend, Jess, is having twins!  I was honored to host a baby shower for her last weekend.  I hosted with 2 other ladies and it was so much fun planning and creating things for her shower. My favorite part was creating the decor.  I created tutu outfits to hang from the mantel and her last initial "P" to hang in the center.  I also hand-painted the "Two of a Kind" frame to put on the mantel, along with the twin poem in the white frame, backed with scrapbook paper.  We used scrapbook paper on the food tables to tie our color scheme together. Take a look:

 The tutu outfits were so much fun to create!  First I found two "My 1st Tutu's" at TJ Maxx and was super stoked!  They were perfect!  Next, I purchased two white onesies from Hobby Lobby.  The pink flowers are actually hair clips I found at Hobby Lobby!  I tacked a a simple thread loop onto the onesie and clipped the flower to it.  It's SO simple!  And the best part is the flowers are removable so when she needs to wash the onesies she can remove the flowers.  Also, when they outgrow the outfits, she can keep the hair clips.  I can't wait to see the twins in these outfits!! :)

The pink frame is hand painted and includes her first sonogram picture of the twins.  The white frame, has scrapbook paper for the backing, which I found at Hobby Lobby, and I printed the poem using Word.

Yum!  Pink Lemonade cupcakes made by one of the other ladies helping to host.  We placed scrapbook paper under the cupcakes to tie in our color scheme... pink and green.

 Pink lemonade with green limes floating on top.  Also used scrapbook paper underneath... the same scrapbook paper used in the white frame on the mantel.

The diaper cake turned out SO cute... made by another friend helping to host the shower.  The food table turned out so nice. :)

Everything turned out so beautifully and the guest of honor was so happy!  We had a great turn out and she got lots of great gifts!!  Thanks for taking a look into our party.  I'll be back soon with more back-to-school posts!


  1. I also work with severe students. I am following you on Pinterest and would love to look at your website but Bravehost will not let me. There is a message for the owner of the site to log in. Is their anything you can do to make the site available? Thanks!

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  3. Marianne,

    Thanks SO much for drawing my attention to this issue. It turns out the hosting site I use for my website is no longer offering their service for free. I was required to either pay for a hosting package OR lose all of my work! My website was set to be deleted on August 31st! YIKES! Although I have not updated the website in months, I did not want to lose everything I have created over there. I decided to go ahead and pay for a year subscription until I can figure out what my next steps will be. Everything should be back up and running now. Let me know if you are still having problems accessing the website. Thanks for following me on Pinterest and checking out my website. I hope you can find some of the information useful for your students.

  4. Truly fantastic twins baby shower! I just loved this theme a lot. Thanks a ton for sharing the photos here. My best friend is also expecting and I hosted a Mickey Mouse themed party for her on last weekend. Had booked most beautiful LA venue for this bash and everyone enjoyed there a lot.