Monday, September 12, 2011

Best start yet...

Well, while many of my blogger friends are just starting out the school year, I have already made it through the first six weeks of school and now have a week off for Fall Break!  I absolutely love our school calendar!  I have to say that after 7 years of teaching, this has been the best start to a school year so far.  I have 5 students, but only one is new.   We all fell back into our normal routine, with only a few minor changes to our schedule. 

I plan on spending some of my fall break working on GAA (Georgia Alternate Assessment) activities.  Do I have any Georgia followers out there that have to administer the GAA this year?  It is a time consuming task, but I hope to complete the entire assessment by Christmas!  I have 4 portfolios to do this year... two 3rd grade and two 4th grade.  Maybe I'll get a chance to share some of our GAA activities on the blog this year.