Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cheap and Easy Card Holder

I'm excited I finally got around to making card holders for my classroom.  I found this idea several weeks ago on a blog titled, Adapting Creatively!  Rose-Marie has really GREAT ideas for adapting materials for use with our special needs kids.  Check out her site when you can.

Here is the card holder I made following her instructions:

You will need:
A pool noodle and a knife... that's it!!

Everyone knows what a pool noodle is, right!?  You can find them all over the place right now.  I found mine at the Dollar Tree for $1.

Using your sereated knife, cut the pool noodle into 16" sections.  Next, you will slice the pool noodle in half, through the center of the piece.  You should now have 6 pieces of pool noodle.  Set each piece, flat side down, on the table.  In the center of the arch, use your knife, to cut a slit down the length of your noodle.  Cut as straight as possible and be sure not to go too deep!  You're DONE!  Simply slide the cards into the slits to hold them up.  You can make 6 card holders for $1!

Here is my finished product!  For more detailed, photo, instructions, be sure to check out the original idea on Adapting Creatively!


  1. will be making for this school year ASAP. pinned!

  2. Rachel, I've used it twice already this week. They are GREAT! :)