Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Nest... a theme to tweet about!

First off, I must apologize for being MIA for so long on my blog. I love reading other teacher blogs and catching up with all of you, but when it comes time to post on my own blog, I just don't make the time. Well, I'm back... for today, at least!

I am half way through my summer and have to admit I'm a little bummed.  I had so many plans for classroom projects I wanted to complete over the summer and have not accomplished any of them... yet!  But I still have a few weeks to get busy.  So, to start things off, I'd like to share one project I have in mind... design a new theme for my classroom!  I have never actually used a specific theme for my classroom decor but a teacher friend has inspired me to create one.  Her classroom is all decked out in pirate stuff and it is so cute!  There is so much you can do with a theme!  I think my students would enjoy it and it will give a fresh look to my classroom which I have been in for 7 years now!  It's time for a change.  After searching endlessly on the internet for theme ideas I have finally decided to do a bird theme.  I know, random, right?!  Let's just call it "Mrs. H's Nest."  I have not actually created anything for this theme yet, but have found lots of inspiration pictures.  Here are just a few:

I'd love to create some type of bird mobile to hang from the ceiling.

from The Bump

I absolutely love the mobile below. You can download the free bird sewing pattern from her website.  Hmmm... maybe I could finally learn to sew for this project! :)

Check it out on Spool Sewing.

Here are a few wall or bulletin board displays that I love:

I have the perfect space on my wall to display this bird mural.  It seems pretty straightfoward and easy enough to create.
Found on Pieces of Me.

Mrs. H's class is something to tweet about!
Super cute display from Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade!

And finally, I would absolutely LOVE to have this tree in my classroom.  I can picture white lights hanging from the branches and down the trunk.  The lights could be hooked up to a single pressure switch that my students could turn on and off. 

This was created by Laurie Kessler over at It's Going To Be All Write.

There are so many more pictures I could share, but I think you get the picture.  Hopefully I can incorporate at least a few of these ideas into my classroom decor this year.  Do you use a classroom theme to decorate?  If so, what is your theme and how do you incorporate it into your classroom?  I would love to hear your ideas.

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