Friday, July 15, 2011

Technology in the classroom

Well, I have just started my blog and was pondering what my first subject should be about.  I have decided to talk about technology in the classroom.  I am so jealous of teachers who have SmartBoards mounted in their classrooms, I-pods, I-pads, and so forth.  At my elementary school we have ONE Promethean Board to share for the whole school!  I have never used it with my students because I have never been trained on how to use it and quite honestly it can be a hassle to get from the media center each morning, set it up with cords running in every direction across the room, only to pack it up and return it at the end of the day.  However, I really want to experiment with it in the classroom this year to see how my students respond.  I spent some time at the school this summer getting familiar with the board.  My goal for this year is to incorporate the board into a lesson at least once per month, just to get my feet wet and see how my students respond.  My only disappointment is that because it is a Promethean Board, my students won't be able to touch activate it with their hand, they will need to use the stylus pen.  This will be very difficult for all of my students due to their motor limitations.  I'm excited to at least try it though for the auditory and visual stimulation it will provide my students.

I also have a personal I-Pod Nano that I will be using in my classroom this year.  Previously, I kept all of my music on CD's.  But I'm hoping by using the I-Pod, I'll be able to store all of my classroom music in one place. I've been on the lookout this summer for a nice set of I-Pod speakers for the classroom.   I've also been searching the web for new children's music I can add to my collection. I'll make a post another day about some websites I've found with free music.

For now, my technology wish list for my classroom would include an I-pad, a laptop, new computers (I currently have 2 computers in my classroom, both are 8 years old and super slow!), and a mounted SmartBoard (touch activated).

I'll conclude with this great resource I found while searching the web this summer.  I plan on using some of the videos on the SmartBoard this year.  I particularly like the Alphabet videos. Check them out here:

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